About us
Juno Pack Company is a dedicated manufacturing business for serving the fast-food sector, processed food industry (such as cheese, butter, etc.), and various other industries. We offer an extensive range of paper and plastic packaging solutions including cups, lids and plastic disposable containers manufactured from 100% Grade A paper and 100% pure plastic raw materials. Our commitment, indeed, is to make our products safe for the end-user, eco-friendly, attractive, and offering a longer shelf life. This is done through the extensive work of our R&D, implementation of advanced technology in the production procedures, and the fine choice of the eco-friendly materials.

The company was established in 2010 in Alexandria, Egypt to meet the needs of the Egyptian local market, and has a vision towards creating a global presence. We believe we have the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to help grow every type of business, through offering a solution for every need. We think our business is simple, all we have to do is to: delight our customers, respect our colleagues, and create a work environment where every employee has a chance to develop.

Juno Pack works hand in hand with customers in order to serve their needs, through offering the best value for their money. At Juno Pack, customers are not customers, they are partners. We strive to have long-term relationships by responding to customer need very quickly. Our world-class design and printing services have earned us a reputation as a provider of high quality, custom-printed packaging solutions.

Juno Pack with its dynamic team of highly-skilled, forward-thinking staff coupled with our advanced facilities and modern technology takes you and your business one step further into the future by creating innovative, customer-focused disposable paper / plastic products to meet your every requirement.

Juno Pack is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of paper cups used for cold and hot drinks in Egypt.  It is a 100% Egyptian which works with Egyptian experience with high-tech machines and equipment, so the cup goes to the consumer without touching the hand. We provide the Egyptian and Arabian market with high quality production which compete with imported to promote the principle (Buy the Egyptian).

We hope you enjoy looking at our Products and can find everything you need, if not, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.