Bussinesses served
Juno Pack manufactures packaging products to be sold to other companies, cafeterias, or to end customer. We'll start proceeding with paper cups.


Juno Pack disposables make life simpler, so there’s more time for fun. We offer a full range of disposable Paper cups and Plastic Lids. Juno Pack offers variety of packaging products from different materials to suite your needs.

Food Packaging

We offer Good Sealing for your products, enabling you to extend the life time for your product. This is an important feature for our product for companies who use plastic containers for export, and those whom their product might have a longer shelf life.


At Juno Pack, we deliver attractive, innovative, time saving, and cost-effective disposable products for everyday and special occasions. Juno Pack offers retailers a wide range of products in a variety of package counts and materials, and private label products.

Sales & Distribution

We offer a wide network of sales in the local market, covering the whole Egyptian market. We have our own vehicles for delivering the product to our customers, however terms and conditions may apply.

We have a hot line dedicated for taking orders. We don't require MOQ unless it's custom printed.

Where to find Us:

We are everywhere around you in:
  • Hypermarkets, e.g. Carefour, Metro, and Fathalla
  • Retailers of our products throughout Egypt.
  • Restaurants and Cafes packaging in our products everywhere.
  • Even in special events where packaging is used for promotions.
  • Wait! What about your home?