Freedom with Responsibility

At Juno Pack, every employee has the opportunity to impact on all areas and processes within the business - they are empowered to use initiative to act in the best interest of Juno Pack and our customers. This is made possible by our open culture, allowing access to every area of expertise within our organization, for every project. We make good things, happen.


Ever striving to evolve our products and services, we encourage the involvement of every employee in each project and decision-making process. Through our team-based, matrix type organizational structure, our innovation processes ensure we deliver technical and practical solutions. We supply products to our customers that simply work.


Development of our workforce is grounded by a free flowing and open work place where ideas and information can be readily communicated allowing natural leaders and contributors to emerge. This ensures our best resources are accessible to deliver the highest results to our customers whilst fostering ownership and development within our workforce.

The Juno Pack Experience

Our experienced management team is backed up by a skilled resource of process experts that are ever ready to adapt to each challenge. A can do mindset and attentive work force ensures we deliver what can only be described as a personalized service to our customers. Focus on our customers' requirements means that internal standards are extremely high ensuring that quality is not only just priority but our way of work.

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