Creative promotional ideas
Juno Pack's Hi-Definition printing enables you to Showcase Your Brand, Not Just Your Logo with the full impact of photo-quality images. Here are a few promotional ideas using Juno Pack cups:


Show off! Use Juno Pack's Hi-Definition printing to promote products and services:
  • Use anytime you need a spectacular presentation!
  • Build Brand Recognition & Loyalty
  • Illustrate Product Features & Benefits
  • Product & Service Introductions
  • Product Packaging or Sampling
  • Hot and Cold Beverages


Juno Pack's spectacular graphics capture the detail and grandeur of your location–oriented promotions and events:
  • Use anytime “where” is an important part of your promotion!
  • Restaurants & Delis
  • Hotels, Motels, & Lounges
  • Parks, Zoos & other Attractions
  • Grand Openings
  • New Locations or Facilities
  • Office & Store Locations
  • Trade Shows