Printing Services
Juno Pack based in Alexandria, Egypt, is happy to present Printing services businesses and individuals. Powered by the latest Press technologies we are able to fulfill most
of our clients' jobs.

At Juno Pack, we have solutions to meet most of our clients printing needs, from documents, flyers, posters, calendars, photo publishing to calendars, as well as posters and stickers.

Our company always comes first as we are to be the preferred printing service provider. We make our client projects as impressive and informative as they expect it to be.

Cost Effective Options for Your Printing Services

Juno Pack can be your one-stop for printing services! Our low prices will maximize your return on investment. We have many products to serve any conceivable need for
printing services.

Through our own printing facilities we are confident that we can fulfill your printing needs in the shortest time possible, without sacrificing our client’s budget or print quality. A wide array of printing services is provided at prices within your means. This way you can easily place an order of your vital projects.


Let the professionals handle your printing! From your file or our design, our team can help you create your vision and convey your specific message. The expertise of our staff extends to each step in the production process. At Juno Pack, each job is unique and we pride ourselves in providing personalized service. A staff member collaborates with clients from project start until delivery. Juno Pack is tech-based, cost-conscious and service-oriented.

There are definite advantages of having a team of graphic designers in-house. Our designers not only work directly with customers to develop creative marketing solutions, they also work directly with the production team.

Catalog Printing Services

Printing the catalogs can be complex sometimes especially when you don’t have the right print shop to lean on. Juno Pack is readily available to provide you with efficient catalog printing services to bring to life all your catalog print jobs. Our equipment and know-how in printing gives us the edge over others to bring your catalogs to its completion.

A Fresh Perspective on the "Industry Standards"

Juno Pack will continue to invest in technology that allows us to enhance communication, refine processes and produce results that are far above the industry standards for color and quality. From our evolving designing tools to the integration of new procedures and equipment, each venture is proof of our dedication to improve our work.

Client Service

When choosing Juno Pack, you should expect great communication. Juno Pack gives you superior customer service. Our experienced staff can assist you with any questions and give you ideas on how to improve your printing strategy. You can email us at, or call (+203) 45 930 06 / (+201) 069 94 100.

The printing services cover the printing requirements that clients freely select from the different choices. Our creative graphic designers expertly acknowledge the printing requests. Our graphic designers deal with our clients, discussing every single detail of the printing projects. A complete printing service package is what we provide to them. We do it from the layout, design up to the printing option that is suited for the catalog project.