Our Mission
Our guiding Mission is to be eminent supplier of Disposable Eco-friendly Packaging to all sector of Food industry. We will continually improve the sustainable options available to our customers and consumers through collaboration that leads to real solutions and education that leads to informed choices. Working together, we will reduce our environmental impact on the planet and guarantee a healthier future to the next generations. Junopack will be the company that enriches meal occasions and simplifies life with single-use products that our customers and their customers see as indispensable.

Junopack is committed to a set of uncompromising principles that we will strive to achieve each and every day:

o       Our forward thinking direction on environmentally sustainable packaging

o       Building customer relationships through mutual respect, trust, and understanding

o       Providing a positive work environment that facilitates the achievement of both company and employee goals

o       Employing a leadership style that values diversity, character, knowledge, experience, relationships, abilities and intuitions

Our Vision

 Our guiding Vision is to deliver superior quality products and services for our customers through leadership, innovation and partnerships. We are planning to be the quality leader in everything we do. We always ensure quality of our products to International Standards to be one of the biggest ten manufacturers in the food packaging industry in the Middle East within the next five years.  We always strive to improvise quality of our services with consistent industry in-depth analysis, as it is directly proportionate to the satisfaction of our valuable customers and the opening of new markets in Europe.

Key elements of This Vision include:

o       Our strong presence in both the foodservice and other packaging segments.

o       Our commitment to building strong working relationships with our business partners.

o       Our shared commitment to Egyptian customers as well as overseas customers.

o       Our commitment to strong customers service values.

o       Our focus to use technology to better support our customer and our business partners.

o       Our turnaround time in introducing new products to market.

o       Our commitment to supply highly reliable products made only with best-in-class components and supported by industry standard documentation and ISO-quality systems.

Quality control

Quality control is an integral part of our vision. The manufacturing operations are quality-driven. Each and every employee—from customer service through engineering, manufacturing, inspection, and shipping—contributes to the superior standards of the products created here.

Our highly skilled engineers and toolmakers have the expertise to design and produce precise tooling for each product's unique packaging needs. As always, tool costs are nominal and assure competitive unit price. In all cases we can build the tool and produce an order at a lower cost than many distributors.