Paper packaging
When it comes to packaging, you may think of a wide range of solutions. But when it comes to practicality, innovation, beauty and cost effectiveness, there is only one solution. That's where paper packaging comes in. In today’s fast-paced world, quality disposables are no longer a convenience – they’re a necessity. Paper cups have become cheaply and cleanly available.

Yes and we see them everywhere! But wait, think again of your package and save your product from getting lost in the crowd.

Whether it’s hot tea, cocoa or gourmet coffee, you need cups and lids that will deliver value and outdo in work. At Juno Pack, we’re here to provide a solution. We offer superior value across an extensive line of quality hot and cold beverage products. Use this site as a comprehensive guide to make the right choices in disposable cups and lids.

Our paper cups are available in stock designs and can be custom printed. Juno Pack offers many attractive options. Choose a look that will enhance your operation. Our fully integrated design studio ensures a quick response for new designs and ensures consistent high quality results with our direct print process.