Paper Plates

Like many things in your operation, your choice of single-use products is a reflection of the care you show for your customers. Consumers prefer paper because it meets their requirements for functional properties and the highest standards for hygiene and safety. Manufacturers prefer paper because light in weight and stackable; it also saves space when in storage and fuel consumed during transportation. Retailers prefer unbreakable paper as it looks appealing on the shelf thanks to different decoration possibilities, there are multiple formats available and because it is easy to stack.

We have a wide selection of paper plates. Impress your customers with the best disposable products available.

Our range includes Printed Paper Plates, Silver Laminated Paper Plates, and White Paper Plates

Printed Paper Plates

The Printed Paper Plates and paper bowls of our company gives both side printed look that attracts the clients towards them.

Silver Laminated Paper Plates

The round and deep round shape of Silver Laminated PaperPlates and paper bowls holds appropriate quantity of food items.

White Paper Plates

Juno pack plates and bowels are strong and have a leak-resistant construction that can be trusted for even the heaviest dishes. The elegant, classy and timeless appearance fits in everywhere from an upscale buffet to a picnic in the park. We offer convenient sizes in our Serving plates to accommodate your business' needs.

White Paper PlatesWhite Paper Plates 


Juno paper plates are available in 5 STANDARD SIZES.