Plastic packaging
Juno Pack deals with designing, manufacturing and marketing of plastic packaging components for food and other industries market by using the newest technologies.
We offer a complete line of attractive, durable, high-performing tubs and containers that meet food industry standards. We also produce containers for non-food applications, for items such as paints and cosmetics items.
We offer you a wide range of options from non-labeled, clear containers to multi-color designs with up to 8 colors.


Plastic containers and lids are ideal for packaging and merchandising fresh, frozen, hot, or cold foods. Unlike paper and foam products, Plastic Packaging containers give customers a clear view of what's inside, while leaving foods free of any aftertaste.

Food Processing:

For many in today's competitive food industry, the only choice is Plastic Packaging Tubs and Containers. We offer a complete line of attractive, durable, high-performing tubs and containers that lock in freshness and lock out leakage from freezer to microwave. Attractive, user-friendly, convenient, safe and hygienic - effective food and drink plastic packaging helps to ensure consumer confidence and brand loyalty across the entire food & drink sector. In such a diverse market, you need the widest choice of materials and processes to match your product’s precise requirements.

Non-Food Applications:

We produce containers for: paint mixing cups, fashion accessories, hair products, cosmetics, and ice buckets. Put your imagination to work. It is manufactured under strict manufacturing conditions to stop contamination. It is common to have a warning on these cups “do not drink”.

Other Applications:

Our plastic containers can be customized to suit whatever application you want to use them in.

Why Juno Plastic Containers? For plenty of good reasons!
  • attractive and highly durable
  • completely customizable
  • leak free with tight lid seals
  • available in a wide assortment of sizes
  • re-usable and dishwasher/microwave safe
  • recyclable

What's more, Customized Containers

Superior quality plastic containers and universal lids. A full selection of designs and sizes. Extensive customization options. Friendly, responsive customer service.   These are just some of the many outstanding qualities we offer.

Keeping Your Name Fresh in Customers' Minds

Create a lasting impression with your customers - and maintain a strong brand image - by customizing your Plastic Packaging containers. Using state-of-the-art, 8-color printing technology, we can create dynamic, distinctive packaging that works overtime to promote your store's identity. Whether you already have an established look, or need help creating a unique design, we can work with you to develop packaging that does the job and gets you the name recognition you want.