Product range
Juno Pack offers an extensive range of quality paper and plastic packaging solutions as well as PET. Our products can be used for Fast Food services, Beverages & other industries such as Paints and cosmetics.  Lids are available for most products. Weight and shape can be adjusted for all sizes. Our paper and plastic cups are available in stock designs and can be custom printed. Juno Pack offers many attractive options. Choose a look that will enhance your operation. For custom printing, send us pre-existing graphics or utilize our design services.

The very latest technology in insulated paper hot cups: The Juno Pack range of hot cups covers all performance levels meeting the needs of every type of hot cup beverage service and protecting both the consumer and the operator.

The perfect solution for cold beverage service: For standard soft drinks on-the-go choose from Juno Pack affordable range of cold paper cups.

Need to get your brand, company or name noticed? The answer could be in your hands. Enjoy your favorite flavors in your favorite ice cream cups.

Lids & Sleeves

Lids and Sleeves are available for Juno Pack paper cups including standard white lids for coffee cups and clear for cold cups.

As packaging is fast becoming a major driver in the marketing of food products, Juno Pack supplies a series of PET cups that promote the current consumer trends in the food and beverage industry today: convenience, health and indulgence.

Juno Pack deals with designing, manufacturing and marketing of plastic packaging components for food and other industries market by using the newest technologies.
We offer a complete line of attractive, durable, high-performing tubs and containers that meet food industry standards. We also produce containers for non-food applications, for items such as paints and cosmetics items.

Our company is your source for all of your catering and tableware needs. Our disposable tableware and catering products offer a unique combination of quality, functionality, and style. We have a wide selection of Quality Disposable Dinnerware, Bowls, plates, Cutlery, tableware, straws and food containers. Impress your customers with the best disposable tableware available.