Sleeves & Holders
Juno Sleeves

These sleeves are made from recycled paper. Juno Sleeves were designed as an eco-friendly product to help reduce the amount of paper.
Love your coffee/tea even more with the latest cup sleeves from Juno pack. Juno Sleeves create an extremely comfortable and form-fitting grip. Plus, no more burnt fingers! If you're looking for a fun and environmentally friendly coffee sleeves, Juno Sleeve is the answer!

It's part of JunopackTM "Go Green!"

Junopack's Sleeves, with its unique full-color product line, help coffeehouses dramatically reduce their cup sleeve expense, while leveraging their most powerful touch-point to enhance the consumer experience. The company provides full-color custom printing for coffeehouses chains and restaurants interested in the highest quality printing standards for building their brand. Junopack also helps you to eliminate your cup sleeve expense.

You don't need to be a coffee giant to serve up a first class image.

Many cafés, roasters and distributors choose us because we're specializing in full-color sleeve printing. We are at your service too, at small rates!

Junopack cup sleeves will help your café express its own brand with top flight printing standards.

The average consumer spends up to half an hour with their coffee. Make your cup sleeves count!

  • Full color process
  • Low minimum orders to fit both your storage and budget
  • Fast production times
  • Eco-Friendly sleeves that are both recyclable and compostable
Junopack Sleeves are availble in two standard sizes:
  • Medium size (fits 8 oz cups)
  • Large Size (fits 12 oz cups)

Junopack Holders

Friends inevitably send 1 person to the concession stand to get everyone drinks, so you have to serve the drinks with beverage holders. Our drink cup holders are made from the top moisture-resistant board that are built to securely and safely hold your hot or cold beverage cups. Our durable drink carriers will give you the peace of mind, while transporting all your beverages. The 4 drink cup holders are the most popular cup holders at ballgames. These drink carriers are made of paper cardboard, so they are biodegradable and thus good for the environment. Choose 4-cup carrier or 2-cup holders. Note that 2-cup holders come in cases of 600, and 4-cup carriers come in cases of 450.
  • Choose from 2-cup and 4-cup
  • Securely and safely holds hot or cold beverage cups for safe transportation
  • Perfect for any take-out business from coffee shops to fast food restaurants