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12 mm diameter plastic straw

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12 mm diameter plastic straw


it's perfect for your home, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, concession stand, school, and office breakroom, with BPA-free food-safe and non-toxic plastic, it's the ideal to pop into your drinks. • Its 12 mm diameter is perfect for both, sipping and stirring a cold cocktail in a flute glass or hot coffee in a tall coffee mug. • The Ideal Standard Drinking Straw - Perfect for soda, water, tea, and other beverages • The straw's black color is great for enhancing your drink presentation and adding some color to your coffee, tea, or cocktail. • Food Safe - Made from high quality, food safe polypropylene. • Great for parties! Display them near your drinks station for convenience and enhanced presentation. • They come in a pack of 100 for retail use, or 10,000 for commercial use. • They come in 3 different colors: Transparent, Colored, Black.





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